Friday, July 1, 2011

Is it time?

I have been waiting..Waiting is the key word. Waiting for things to happen, isn't that life in general?

Today one of my coworker said something about me that I never thought I will ever hear it. She said, "you're too strong and too independence. at times you need to act needy and hopeless so that he can feel that he can help and take care of you. Being the way you are, makes him feel that you're fine by yourself and there's no need for him to take action in taking good care of you."

She also commented,"you're not getting any younger, a man's being 30 is his new 20. For you, you being 30 means you're being 30. We girls are different from them. I cannot always wait and wait and wait for him to act. We need time to recover, move on, find someone better, get to know that person, fall in love, get comfortable, blah blah..those takes a lot of time. Girls cannot waste their time for a guy who's not willing to walk with you to the same goal."

I understand....