Monday, February 23, 2009

Close friends will need to be apart

I don't have a lot of friends because I pick ppl to be my friends. Its not because they are not good enough for me, its just that, those people are not my type of friends. I don't want to be fake and pretend that I like them and/or want to be their friends. I just cant do it.

I have a several close friends. Some guys and some girls. It's also hard for me to find close friends. People who I can freely talk are usually my close friends. YES Danny, I consider you my close friend. People who you can trust. People who you can tell your situation/ problem and without asking, they for sure will reply or give you some kind of feedback. People who will for sure keep your secrets.

I think I am losing a few close friends. They recently moved out of SF for school. They got transfered. Well, its not really because of the transfer. when they were still here, we were already moving apart. They are all into partying, going out, drinking, etc. A total change of interest. Thats totally not me. I dont drink for the hell of it. I dont party or go out just because people ask/want me to go. I drink because I want to drink and enjoy the drink. I party because I want to be there with my friends and have fun with them. I go out because I need to enjoy my life outside of my house and I want to go out. So--> That was our opposite. WE moved apart. Stopped talking to each other. No more sharing life situations/problems. No more a lot of things.

The more they went out. The more friends they all got. All those friends replaced me. Oh well!

I dont really care because true friends will stick with me forever. Those who are not willing to keep in touch, call me to hang out, or IM me online are just not true friends. I am always online, its not hard to IM me. I also have unlimited text and they know it.

They planned a trip together. Amazing they still have so much money to go on a few day trip outside of the state. I dont have any extra money. In fact, I need some extra please. I have been knowing about this trip. HELLO FACEBOOK!! They finally asked whether I wanted to join them. I told them I dont have any extra to spend. I told them that it seems to me that they been planning it. They said yes, for about a month by now and that they didnt have the chance to ask me about it. YEA...

So here we go. I decided to move myself away from them. Like I said earlier, true friends will always stick with you. I dont want to sound desparate and I am not.

I dont need a whole lot of friends. I only need a couple or a few or several CLOSE and TRUE friends who I know will be there for me no matter what.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Today is Friday. THANK GOD its friday. I have been hating school a lot. Most of the time I'm just too lazy to do my hw and study.

These two last classes are my core classes and all you need is a D- to pass the class. That is stupid but its kinda good for students. I'm thinking to myself. I am so lazy, maybe I just get a D and pass the class and let it be. But its impossible for me to get a D. so no way. Maybe a C-. lolz. I will still try but just not as hard as I do in Fall semesters. OR maybe I'm lazy because this is my LAST and FINAL semester. WaHOO to me. I am still trying and still working hard, just just not as hard.

Seeing other seniors working so hard makes me feel bad.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Oh No

Oh NO!

I totally forgot I'm on my spring semester. Why am I so surprise? I tend to be super lazy in spring semester. I tend to work super hard in fall semester. For the last two weeks, I wondered by I am being so lazy. Today, Sunday, I just realized I'm on my spring semester. NO WONDER..It's weird but so TRUE. ah..ah..oh no..what am I going to do now. I need to push myself harder.