Monday, May 4, 2009

Hate groups

One thing I hate about school is group project.

I seriously hate doing group projects. Some people are just a lot to handle. First of all, how hard is it to do your part? Second, how hard is it to turn your parts in time like others? third of all, how hard is it to listen and compromise.

Due date to email slides to every member is Sunday and now almost Tuesday. comeon. and they're in college? Some people are just not willing to take ideas from other people.

Is it really that hard to compromise and work together like a group of people. OR is it just human's nature to not work together?

Sorry to say this but some people are seriously STUPID. How can you add something fun (she said like games, quizzes and something to make our topic more interesting) when you're presenting a sensitive topic to your fellow classmates. Most classmate expressed that our topic is pretty interesting and one of my group member is doubting her own project. common..