Monday, April 27, 2009

Now i can post my message using my phone. :)

It has been long

I decided to write today.

A lot has happened and I have no idea where to start.

I got a huge promotion. I am so happy for myself and the fact that they believe in me. However, I'm kinda scared that I cannot live up to the standard. But I know I have to try. What surprise me the most is that, they are willing to give me 6 months to try the position out and see if I like it. As they claim, they said that if I dont like it they will find another position for me. They make it sound so easy but its not and we all know it. They are trying to make me feel less scared. So nice and sweet of them. So in June, I will still be part time until July 1 to be full time. I want to ask them. So when I'm part time and full time does that mean my paycheck gonna go up and up..or its just gonna be the same as now.

The truth is, I care more about the pay check than the job it self. No, Dont get me wrong, I like the position and its gonna be very challenging but I need to watch my wallet and save as much money as possible for future plans.

They are so nice to me. I dont need to deal with HR and they all will take care of it for me. I feel extremely lucky. In the end, its all worth working here for 5 years. I dont really know my new supervisor and I hope hes nice. One day, I will visit him to introduce myself. I had a bad experience with a man supervisor back in 2003. He and I just dislike each other so much. Hopefully, this one not gonna be the same. But I know I have a lot of people at work to back me up.

I started working here July 5, 2004. I was still a young and naive girl. I was scared and my head was not as high as I am now. I was a little girl and now I am glad to say that I am a woman or maybe in between ^_^. Everyone here saw my change. They are so proud of me and I am too. They make me seem like I am so good at this and that but for some reason, I dont really see that in myself. Low self-esteem? I guess I still have some of that. I used to have no confident, low self-esteem, etc but now everything changed. Thankz to my mentor. She truly taught me a lot. Everyone at work are GREAT.

After graduation, its gonna be a whole new stage. I wonder when I'm gonna start working there but first we need to hire an intern and I get to interview and pick them. NICE!!!