Wednesday, March 18, 2009

After All

I havent been updating. I saw a friends blog and hes telling people to update. SO here I am.

Next week will be spring. I am so excited to not have school but I still have to study for exam. A lot of projects.

I am also excited and somewhat worry about this one thing happening. I still need to work a long time from now to see how it turn out.

Everything seems fine. I have a lot more responsibility at work. I am happy for that. Hmm..They are still discussing whether they will hire me and fit me into the City budget. hopefully but its okay. At least I still have this part time job.

For some reason, I have been spending. Not a lot but been spending. I want to stop spending and stop using money but hmm..kinda hard. It seems to me that I need a lot of stuff. Hahaha...Maybe its my nature.